Institut für Metallurgie

Arbeitsgruppe Metallurgische Prozesstechnik

Veröffentlichungen aus dem Jahre 2003:

  1. K.-H. Spitzer, F. Rüppel, R. Viscorova, R. Scholz, J. Kroos and V. Flaxa:
    Direct Strip Casting (DSC) - an option for the production of new steel grades
    steel research, Bd. 74 (2003) Nr. 11/12, p.724-731
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  2. K.-H. Spitzer and R. Nyström:
    Development of soft reduction at Inexa Profil for the Possibilty of Increased Productivity with Maintained ro improved Product Quality.
    steel research, Bd. 74 (2003) No. 11/12, p.700-706
  3. H. Lachmund, Y. Xie, T. Buhles and W Pluschkell:
    Slag emulsification during steel desulphurisation by gas injection into the ladle.
    steel research, Bd. 74 (2003) No. 2, p.77–85
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  4. L. Zhang and W. Pluschkell:
    Nucleation and growth kinetics of inclusion during liquid steel deoxidation.
    Ironmaking and Steelmaking 30 (2003), p.106-130