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Veröffentlichungen aus dem Jahre 2008:

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  3. R Wendelstorf, K H Spitzer and J Wendelstorf:
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  6. J Kroos, C F Redeker, J Schöttler, K H Spitzer, D Rohrberg, A Newirkowez S Acharya, R Nyström, P Hahlin, H J Renner:
    Cost efficient metallurgy for the production of novel ultra high strength deep drawable steel grades with high Mn con-tents from 10 to 25 w.-%
    European Commission Research Fund for Coal and Steel Final Report No. EUR 22991
    EU Bookshop
  7. G Borchardt, H Palkowski, R Schmid-Fetzer, K H Spitzer, und B Tonn:
    Das Institut für Metallurgie der TU-Clausthal.
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  8. O Bode, K Schwerdtfeger, H G Geck, and F Höfer:
    Influence of casting parameters on void volume and centre segregation in continuously cast 100Cr6 blooms.
    Ironmaking & Steelmaking 35 (2008) 137 (link, cited by)

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