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Veröffentlichungen aus dem Jahre 2009:

  1. J Wendelstorf, R Wendelstorf und K H Spitzer:
    Spray Cooling Heat Transfer and Calculation of Water Impact Density for Cooling of Steel Sheet Materials by Inverse Process Modelling.
    Steel research 80 (2009) No. 9, pp. 639-644 (link, cited by).
  2. J Wendelstorf and R Wendelstorf:
    Inverse modelling as a tool for the optimization of steel production processes.
    Proc. of the 3rd STEELSIM Conference, September 8-10 2009, Leoben, Austria pp. 213--219 (PDF).
  3. K Schwerdtfeger and K H Spitzer:
    Application of Reduction of Area–Temperature Diagrams to the Prediction of Surface Crack Formation in Continuous Casting of Steel.
    ISIJ International 49 (2009) No. 4, pp. 512-520 .
  4. A M Mirzayousef-Jadid and K Schwerdtfeger:
    Redox Equilibria of Chromium in Calcium Silicate Base Melts.
    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B 40 (2009) 533 (link, cited by).

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