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Veröffentlichungen aus den Jahre 2000 bis 2002:

  1. K Schwerdtfeger, K H Spitzer, J Kroos, P Funke and K H Hower:
    Further Results from Strip Casting with the Single-Belt Process.
    ISIJ International 40 (2000), p.756-764
  2. K H Spitzer and O Pesteanu:
    Application of traveling magnetic fields in metallurgy.
    In: Proc. of the 3rd International Symposium on Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (EPM-2000), Nagoya, Japan, April 3-6 2000 (2000), p.409-414
  3. J. White, R. Nyström, M. Magnusson and K.-H. Spitzer:
    Measurement and Modeling of Crater End Position and Shape in Bloom Casting for Application of Soft Reduction at {INEXA PROFIL AB}.
    In: Proc. 6th Japan Nordic Countries Steel Symposium, Nov. 28-29 2000, Nagoya, Japan, The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan, (2000), p.165-172
  4. K.-H. Spitzer:
    Mathematische Modelle zur Optimierung und Entwicklung metallurgischer Prozesse.
    (2001) Papierflieger Verlag, Clausthal-Zellerfeld
  5. K.-H. Spitzer, R. Scholz, J. Kroos, K.H. Hower, R. Nystrom, E. Burgtrom, W. Reichelt and M. Dubke:
    Development and state-of-the-art of the {DSC}-process.
    Stahl und Eisen (Germany) 121 (2001), No.5, p.73-80
  6. V. Flaxa, J. Kroos and K.-H. Spitzer:
    Prozessentwicklung für innovative Stahlprodukte. Stahl (2002), No.5, p.61-64
  7. J. Kroos, K.H. Hower, K.-H. Spitzer and R. Scholz:
    The {DSC}-process - An efficient technology for flat steel production.
    In: Advances in production engineering: Materials, design, manufacturing and industrial engineering (2002), p.167--
  8. F. Rüppel, K.-H. Spitzer, R. Scholz, J. Kroos and K. H. Hower:
    The {DSC} process for energy efficient production of light weight steels.
    In: Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Industrial Furnaces and Boilers (INFUB), Estoril-Lisbon, Portugal, 2-5.April 2002 Vol.2, (2002), p.???
  9. L. Zhang, W. Pluschkell and B.G. Thomas:
    Nucleation and growth of alumina inclusions during steel deoxidation.
    In: Iron and Steel Society/AIME, 85th Steelmaking Conference Proceedings (USA). (2002), p.463-476

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