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Veröffentlichungen aus dem Jahre 2011:

  1. K Schwerdtfeger:
    Advanced Prediction of Crack Formation in Continuous Casting by Use of Fatigue Test Data.
    ISIJ International 51 (2011) 1197 (link).
  2. J Wendelstorf:
    Sensitivity Analysis of a Thermo Mechanical Process Model for Shell Formation in Continuous Casting.
    METEC InSteelCon 2001, Proc. 4th STEELSIM , Paper 93 (PDF).
  3. N Vuckovic-Spitzer, T Mirkovic, R Beusse, J Pethke, A Adam and K H Spitzer:
    Failure mechanism of blast furnace tuyeres.
    METEC InSteelCon 2001, Proc. ECIC , Paper 13.
  4. G Hils, A Newirkowez, D Rohrberg, K H Spitzer, U Grethe and J Kroos:
    Conventional and tailored Mn-bearing alloying agents for the production of high manganese steels
    In: 3rd CSM-VDEh Metallurgical Seminar, 17-18.10.2011, Bejing, China: New Developments in the steel industry (2011), Paper 15
  5. Georgeou, Z; Rohrberg, D; Spitzer, K H; Schöttler, J; Nyström, R; Newirkowez, A
  6. Z Georgeou, D Rohrberg, K H Spitzer, J Schöttler, R Nyström, A Newirkowez:
    Metallurgical methods for the production of steels with high manganese contents in the range of 12 to 25%wt.
    6th European Oxygen Steelmaking Conference, Stockholm, Sweden: EOSC 2011 proceedings Paper 2-11 (2011)

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