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Studies and diploma thesis will be fitted individually to your interests and the needs of the workgroup. If your studies allows (if you already have your intermediate diploma) you should contact us to talk about the possibilities we can offer. At the moment we offer tasks in these areas:
  • Modelling and scientific calculating in metallurgy (for computer experts and those who like to be one) We offer a modern CAE workplace with the program package ANSYS (CFX and FLUENT) and ABAQUS. The tasks beginn with simple examples for instance the work of Student from spain (Josep Maria Vilarrasa Diaz) who took part in an internship.
  • Examination of complex alloys with Thermocalc or the work of D.C. Lara-Rojas.
  • Studies and Diploma thesis in ongoing scientific Researches
  • Studies and Diploma Thesis in the industry.
  • Studies and Diploma Thesis as an assignment.
dedicated and qualified students (m/f) can also be assigned as a scientific Assistant.
Contact: Dr. J. Wendelstorf, R001

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